Wednesday, November 08, 2017

Chorizo Then Cemetery

Punjabi Cha Wala

Out of the blue, my sister and BIL went on a trip to Bangkok, and left the kids with mum and I. The amount of activities the kids have on the weekends are really astounding. On Fridays morning (Awal Muharram), we woke up at 7:00 AM to get Big Monster ready for his drama class. Once we dropped him at school, we dragged Little Monster to the wet market. He was kinda attracted to the sights and sounds, but he quickly complained that he had walked too much. I asked mum what she wanted for breakfast, and she suggested Cha Wala at Pearl Point. We parked at Pearl Shopping Gallery, thinking that we could use the link bridge, but it was way too early. Since the shutters were still down, we had to trudge back down and cross Jalan Sepadu. Found the stall at the food court, but it wasn't open for some reason. Ack. Dragged ourselves back to Pearl Shopping Gallery and ate at the only place that was open for business-- Take Eat Easy (their kitchen opens at 8:30 AM).

Spanish Breakfast

We had the cafe all to ourselves. Not a popular breakfast joint it seems. While waiting for our Spanish Breakfast to arrive, I helped Little Monster to cam-whore around the place. He plopped onto the bug armchairs and pretended to be a boss. The breakfast there really suited Little Monster's taste buds. He polished half of it (poached egg, toast, spicy chorizo, beef ham, chicken ham, etc) although he already had a bacon sandwich at home. As he ate, he kept muttering, "This is the best brunch ever!".

At 11:00 AM, we picked Big Monster up from school, and made a trip to Tesco to hunt for salmon. Every week, mum buys more than MYR100 worth of salmon steaks for the kids. Lunch was at a kopitiam outside Tesco. Although they had polished off two buns while in Tesco, they were still hungry. Got them chicken rice and pan mee.

In the evening, I took Uber out to Kwong Tong Cemetery for QueerRanter's father's wake. Shocked to hear that his father fell to his death in a monsoon drain right outside their apartment. Jin was also there to support QueerRanter in that trying time. KH was the earliest to arrive, followed by Apollo was quite close the QueerRanter's parents.



After the wake, KH and I went to Pisco Bar for dinner, a place he had been raving about for nearly a year. Drove to Changkat Bukit Bintang and was quite surprised that it was turned into a 'walking street' by nightfall. Parked at one of the open air car parks and was so shocked when the guy charged MYR15. Yikes. The place was pretty quiet for a Friday night, perhaps because it was a public holiday, and the after-work crowd was missing. We had a trio of ceviche, tiger prawn bruschetta, pork ribs, and the mandatory pisco sour. Food was pretty good, so perhaps we will go back there to paktor again.

Tiger Prawns

Pork Ribs


Twilight Man said...

You are a good son, uncle and friend to all.

Chris said...

Wow have you guys bought a house yet. I see you eat n spend a lot on food n trips?

William said...

Such high praise. Not worthy. I'm just :P

Hi. Unfortunately, I have a home loan, whereas KH does not believe in investing in real estate.

Twilight Man said...

I agree with KH 100%! Smart boy, marry him lah.

William said...

Already 'married' lo.

Twilight Man said...


Derek said...

It was such an eventful day for you.. Muacks

When are you bringing Little Monster to Take It Easy again? Haha