Friday, November 24, 2017

Care For Your Life

37th Birthday

What to do after you turn 37....? Go for a medical check up. Been postponing my regular health check for a while now, so I took leave on a Wednesday to visit Life Care Diagnostics with mum. Thankfully the drive to Bangsar South only took 35 minutes. With the road works completed on Lebuhraya Bukit Jalil - Puchong, traffic out of my neighbourhood is now longer drives one crazy. We were greeted by their staff as we walked in, and they confirmed my appointment. But I found it funny that a walk-in customer actually got registered faster than mum and I. At the counter, they took down our details. While waiting for them to punch in everything, I overheard something very interesting from customer beside me:

Staff: Mr XXX, what would you like to do today? Perhaps a head MRI?

Mr. XXX: Head MRI? Didn't I just do that last year. Can you please check my record?

Staff: Ohhhh yeah. Hmmm, what else... How about a heart scan? It's very good!

Mr. XXX: OK la.

Traditional Sign

Lounge II

Goodness. People who sign up for their VIP packages actually do all sorts of diagnostics for no reason, just because they had paid for it. Yikes. Once we had registered, we were directed to give the samples for the pathology tests. Once that was done, we moved further in to a large waiting area with comfortable sofas, and lots of paintings. From there, we moved from room to room for chest X-ray, ECG, and breath test. All of it was done by 9:00 AM. Their staff then brought us to the cafeteria where we were given a complimentary breakfast of turmeric chicken pasta and a pandan drink that was crafted by their dietitian. Just 326 calories. LOL.

Pasta Breakfast

Lounge I

From then on, it was a long wait till our results were out. They had a medical officer around who explained the results to us. On top of that, the doctor's task was to cross-sell further diagnostics. Haha. Anyway, no red lights and my cholesterol levels were still under control. Higher than my last reading though. But that's understandable since I had halved my dosage. And my average blood sugar levels seems to be getting higher as I age. Next, we met up with the dietitian who probed us about our eating habits. She noticed I had ketones in my urine, so she asked whether I was on a diet. Must be the Nu Skin ageLOC TR90. Everything was concluded by noon.


Twilight Man said...

You are 37 now! Time flies la.
Good to hear that you are healthy.

William said...

A conscious effort to keep things in check.