Saturday, November 18, 2017

Be-earlied Birthday

Rainbow Roll

It's been increasingly hard to meet KH these days although we are no longer in an LDR. But that doesn't stop us from putting in extra effort to make things happen. In a few days, he would be taking a flight to San Francisco for the Nu Skin Global Convention in Utah, so he took me out for an early birthday dinner. At first he suggested an Italian restaurant near my office but I felt that it was too expensive. In the end, we went to Komura in Corus Hotel (an option for a post-dinner check-in?). Neither of us dined there before, so it would be a surprise. Komura looks like a small Japanese village with cobble stone walkways and thatched roofs. There are no tables in an open area. Every table is enclosed in a tiny 'house' (tatami room). Such a concept gives privacy to everyone (smooch all you like, but keep an ear out for a rap on the screen door), but if you're claustrophobic, then its not the place for you. Food quality was pretty good, and the waitresses did provide good service.

Sashimi Moriawase

Grilled Hamachi

Little Village

P.S.: Do a booking via Eatigo to enjoy a 20% discount at Komura.


Anonymous said...

So any shanky sex in the tatami room???

Anonymous said...

Did he do mlm to date u =)

William said...

Haha, just some kissing and groping. :P

Separate things. :P

Derek said...

I like the food there. We should go to back there again!

William said...

Didn't know you like it so much. ;)

Arvind Ram Kumar said...

nice place, plus with that amount of privacy, it is definitely an ideal place for rainbow couples to have a romantic dinner

William said...

You'll probably be eating char siew bao in the room.

Arvind Ram Kumar said...

that i dont dare to do in public places :-p

the bedroom is the best place for that activity XD