Monday, November 27, 2017

A Late Birthday Breakfast, An Early Halloween Huddle

Avocado Toast

Mum was back at the dentist for her follow up appointment. He declared that her gums would take another two weeks to heal following the tooth extraction from her last visit. He just did the usual scaling and polishing. We would probably visit Datuk Dr. Wong (rare to see a dentist with a Datukship) again in the coming weeks because mum wants to get some dentures in.

Flamingo Egg

My sister arranged a birthday breakfast with me at Bacon and Balls at Happy Garden. According to BIL, the kids had been there weeks in a row! Food reviews on Foursquare were pretty mixed with many complaining that they were overpriced and lousy. Luckily for me, my breakfast experience was pretty good. Big Monster knew exactly what he wanted-- Pork Lasagna. After tasting it, I wasn't surprised why. His brother's requirements were pretty simple too. Just get him scrambled eggs and lots of streaky bacon. On top of that, we got the Flamingo Egg, a yummy baked egg with red sauce. Also Avacado Toast and Smoked Salmon toast. All of those items came with thick slices of bread.

Pork Lasagna

At noon, I dropped mum off at her center for a Mid-autumn festival event while I went to March Azalea for a drink. I chose to sit at the long table at the back where the red brick walls are lined with potted plants. The space was bright and airy as the ceiling was punctuated with sky lights. I ordered a glass of vegetable juice and did some reading.

Long Table

Later on, I fetched Wai over with Uber (thank goodness for promo codes), and we had lunch together there. He had a carbonara that was served in a soup bowl and I had a Nu Skin Trim Shake. He updated me on the latest drama happening between him and his bestie. When it was time to pick mum up, I sent Soon Wai home on the way.

Vegetable Juice

Been a while since my last visit to the pool, so I dug out my olive Aussiebum swim trunks and drove to my apartment. As usual, there was no eye candy, just pesky kids who only spent their time jumping in and out of the pool.


In the evening, I brought mum to Javian Kitchen to sample some indigenous east Malaysian cuisine. We weren't so adventurous as to try sago worms, so we ordered Umai Tenggiri, Ayam Lulun Cara Pansuh, and Midin Goreng Belacan. Mum gave her seal of approval. She also bought a bottle of Sarawak white pepper. Their Bintulu belacan is also pretty good, but mum rarely uses that anymore.

Umai Ikan


SK invited mum and I to join her and her ex-colleagues at Street Cool Cafe and Lounge at Taman Equine after dinner. Although I had passed by that place several times, I never walked in. It's located at a very quiet row of shops near the Taman Equine Honda service center. Since Halloween was around the corner, they put in decorations and provided props for customers to fool around with. I provided art direction for SK and Co.'s "Scary Movie" shoot. On weekends, they also have live music at their al fresco section, but it was truly to hot outside to be comfortable. The girls finished five bottles of Sommersby apple cider, while I went for chamomile tea since I was still on my Nu Skin TR90 plan. Plenty of laughs that night.



Arvind Ram Kumar said...

i have been craving for midin goreng belacan ever since the day i tried it in Kuching early this year, finally i know where to find them now !!! :D

William said...

Other food is nice too.