Friday, October 13, 2017

Who's Your Appa?

Rainy Market Day

The rain on Saturday morning was so heavy that I woke up before my alarm rang. Undeterred, mum and I headed to the wet market anyway. At least half of the stalls half of the stalls in the open air section weren't open for business. Some vendors set up their stalls, but kept all their merchandise wrapped up to prevent water damage. Although there was less of a crowd, it was still an umbrella war when getting around. My breakfast was Penang white curry noodles but I found it a little too sweet. On the other hand, mum got herself a plate of chicken feet salad and roasted pork.

White Curry Noodles

In the afternoon, mum suggested that we go eat at Appa's Charitable Restaurant. The places serves an array of Indian food with a unique concept-- eat as much as you need, pay as much as you like. When you exit, just put money into the donation box. Years ago, Annalakshmi at Midvalley Megamall had a similar concept, but they collected money at the cashier where they would guilt trip you to pay more. When we walked in, we were the only non-Indians there. The friendly staff kept asking us to eat more. Lol. Truth be told, food there is pretty delicious. There's idli in the morning and banana leaf rice on Sundays too. In case you're wondering, the restaurant is part of the All Persons Providence Association group founded by Dr. Solomon Rajandran. Don't know much about him, but I found an interesting piece of news about his organization-- early in the year, famous money game godfather Zhang Jian donated MYR 1.2 million to them.

Eat What You Need

Lunch at Appa's was quite light, so mum and I could still eat some more at home. She had bought some fresh clams from the market that morning, so she made dish of stir-fried clams with chili. Yummy!

Stir-fried Clams

Mum had dinner plans in the evening, so I had a dinner date with KH. As my throat was feeling a bit scratchy, I suggested we eat at Paradise Dynasty, Pearl Shopping Gallery. Drank plenty of hot tea and soothed my throat with soupy dishes. But seeing KH was the best sort of remedy. :).

Shanghai Fried Rice


Twilight Man said...

This is interesting to hear about Appa's and I like Indian food. I will ask Lifebook to join me! Next time when your throat gatal or very sakit, just rub the pure Lavender essential oil and it goes away within a minute.

Arvind Ram Kumar said...

“seeing KH was the best sort of remedy”

so sweeeeeeeeeeet <3

William said...

Good luck dragging him over. Rub on the throat?


Derek said...

There is also a remedy from nuskin for sore throat which I just found out

William said...

What is it?