Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Papa's Boy

Salmon Mentai Maki

Once in a while, we would meet up with Gratitude and his mother over dinner. Arrangements were made by SK and we met at Papasan Canteen, Kuchai Lama. Thankfully, Gratitude was happy with the food and the prices. Mother Theresa also approved. Lucky for us, SK made a table reservation because the place was packed. The favourite of the night was the salmon mentai maki. Coincidentally, we also bumped into Vinz who was there with a group of friends. Turns out that Vinz knows the owners. Seeing that we know Vinz, the owners sent over free ice cream! Wow! The next time I go there, I definitely need to do some name dropping.


Papasan Canteen


Arvind Ram Kumar said...

never knew Kuchai Lama have plenty of good options for food lovers, i must explore that part of KL more

Jaded Jeremy said...

So Vinz is the boy?

William said...

Yes, you should.

Not in THAT context. :P

Jaded Jeremy said...

Hehehe :P

Derek said...

Still think the menu has too much fried stuff.

William said...

Easy ma. And people like fried stuff.