Friday, October 06, 2017

KLFW 2017

XO Fish Head Noodles

After a long time, it suddenly occurred to me that I should have the famous XO fish head noodles at Kuchai Lama for breakfast. Mum and I headed there after our Saturday marketing, and as usual getting parking there was a bitch. We were a tad early, so Goon Wah wasn't open yet. No matter, we just ate at Kedai Makanan & Minuman Soon Lei instead. The menu is somewhat similar to Goon Wah, but of course they have their own specialties as well. But anyway, one portion of their XO fish head noodles was already enough to feed two, no more capacity for anything else. Fast-forward to lunch, mum whipped up a dish of petite clams that mum frequently prepared when I was a kid. Just chilies, ginger, and some bean paste. Lovely dish.

Mini Clams

In the evening, mum, SK and I went to Pavilion Kuala Lumpur. The place was infested with little statues of SEA Games 2017 mascot, Rimau. Those little tigers definitely topped the Smurfs in terms of count. It was also the fourth day of KL Fashion Week (no wonder so many fashionably dressed people around-- guys in stilettos, women in inverted coats, a lady described as just wearing an overcoat and lingerie), so we stopped to look at a couple of fashion shows. If I knew, I would have brought my camera! The show by Taakk from Japan was quite interesting. All his models wore black or white zentai suits, and moved to very atmospheric music. Very pelik indeed. In the VIP crowd, we also managed to catch Amber Chia, and ex-DJ Fiqrie (infamous for his swimwear photo shoot at the beach). The rest aku tak cam. The other show was from Eclipse whose owner recently passed away due to heart problems although he lived a very healthy lifestyle (suddenly Alanis Morisette's "Ironic" starts playing). Among the crowd of fashionable people, I spied Insequeerity who was busy covering the event for a local fashion magazine.


Super Zoom

Taakk Fashion Show

Didn't know what to eat at Pavilion, so we made our way to Lot 10 instead. Both mum and SK had never dined at The Table before, so might as well eat there. Chose Touan Yakitori & Robata, a restaurant that I had not tried before. With no expectations, we just ordered several of the highlights in the menu-- unagi-don, a sushi bento, and tori karaage. The quality of the food was quite good, but I don't think that there was a 'Wow' factor for me.



What else better to do after dinner than to look around at Isetan the Japan Store. So many in-store discounts. Even at 80% off, we did not feel like buying any of the premium Japanese products. Truly expensive with our weak currency. For supper we ate an orange sherbet (from Setouchi), one of the many discounted expiring Japanese groceries from the supermarket, and paired that with a ham chim peng from I Love Yoo! Too bad I couldn't find some kopi o at the Hutong food court. Else it would have been perfect.

3D Model


Twilight Man said...

I rarely step inside Pavilion but it is still the best mall to me. It reminds me of Rodeo Drive. I visit Pavilion like once in every 2 years.

Hutong got no kopi-O??? Signs of dying soon.

William said...

Not no kopi o, I just couldn't find it in that maze of a food court. I saw it when I was leaving.