Friday, October 20, 2017

A Scrumptious Sixty


The 60th National Day celebrations kicked off a super long weekend in Malaysia. SK suggested that we have breakfast together at Restoran Kim Kee, Kota Kemuning. Been a while since I visited that place and business has never been better. From my observations, their wantan noodles is the bestseller. I gave that a try a made a conclusion that those people don't know what a good plate of wantan noodles taste like! Well, they got the texture right, but those noodles left a horrible rusty aftertaste in my mouth. Normally that's a sign of too much preservatives in the noodles or bad cooking. And the char siew was was rough and dry. Yikes, I'll stick with Daniel Wantan Mee at OUG.

Chicken Feet

SK want for their curry wantan noodles which was much better. The gravy was strong enough to mask the aftertaste. We also ordered cendol which looked fantastic. The cendol strands were long, and glistened a beautiful green. From the taste, it was obvious they used quality palm sugar. My only complaint was the texture of the ice. I prefer smoother ice shavings, not the 'crunchy' type.

Doors and Fishes

We then visited Sunway Velocity Mall, a place that SK had not visited before. Truth be told, that mall just doesn't resonate with me. Don't know if it's the layout or the choice of shops or both. We didn't spend much time there. Bought a box of Original Cake since there was no queue. It's definitely very soft and fluffy, and tastes great right out of the oven, but I wouldn't be lining up for it. Sunway Velocity dedicated their top floor to the arts. Christened as Commune, it's home to local designers, hipster cafes, and the occasional art exhibition. Much of the space is partitioned with a Frankenstein jumble of panels, door, and windows salvaged from old houses.


My Journey By Bus

Our lunch was at Forêt Blanc, Alex's foray into cafes. Years ago, he baked specialty cakes out of his home off Old Klang Road. He then became a supplier for cakes and pastries. That business remains although he's into retail now. From a stroke of genius, he created a synergy between Malaysia's love of Indian food with waffles, and called it Banana Leaf Waffle. His earlier version was more on the weet side but the later v2.0 was more savoury. We chose the latter. The first thing you notice is of course the banana leaf. Lol. The waffle is actually special because it's made with a vadai base and topped with coconut ice cream with a sprinkling of desiccated coconut and deep-fried curry leaf. Several sauces are included-- tomato chutney, mint chutney (could be less sweet IMHO), mango puree, and raita. My favourite was the tomato chutney.

Neon Unicorn Freezy Bowl

Banana Leaf Waffle v2.0

Three of us polished the whole dish, and SK went back to the counter to order dessert. The Yuzu Garden is a collection of items with yuzu bring the star. And SK also got her favourite vanilla creme brulee. The creme brulee was thick and flavourful, but I noticed that the sugar crust was too thin for me to crack with the spoon. You'll never get bored of the creme brulee there because they change the flavours weekly.

Yuzu Garden

Vanilla Creme Brulee

Dinner was at Kuchai Entrepreneurs Park after rolling (and bouncing) in the hay with KH. Just imagine that I threw my head back and was pumping my hands in the air shouting 'Merdeka!'. He brought me to Yu Noodle Cuisine, a rip-off of the successful Go Noodle House. We shared a bowl of mee xian with slices of grouper. Avoid this place if you have high blood pressure-- the soup base is kinda salty. Unlike Go, they have a bottle of rice wine on the table that you can use to mask the saltiness. Or you can go crazy with it and turn your dinner into a big bowl of cocktail. Also ordered a bowl pork-mushroom balls. Texture-wise its quite dense, but it's quite delicious.

Mi Xian


Pork Balls

Crossed the road to Donutes to have coffee and was quite surprised to see the revised pricing. Wonderful inflation. The place seems popular with the LGBT crowd. Saw a whole table of lesbians outside, and we sat next to two gay lous who were busy receiving dick pics on their Grindr. Malaysia is great. Happy 60th!


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