Wednesday, October 18, 2017


Leong Wei

Woke up very early on Sunday morning to send mother out for her Bentong day trip. The original plan was for me to do a morning run with KH after dropping mum off, but that was called off due to the rain. Changed the plans and headed to 6:45 AM instead. Right after mass, I picked KH up and we went to breakfast together. The place was near his home, a kopitiam by the name of Restoran Leong Wei. We shared a plate of curry CCF with YTF. Not exactly a good choice for my scratchy throat, but it was worth it.


Curry CCF

Further treatment for my throat continued back at home. A very unconventional treatment involving a special delivery method, a suppository of sorts. LOL. If only all 'medical procedures' were so pleasurable. In the afternoon, we headed to Sunway Putra Mall for lunch. KH introduced me to Momo King, a Nepalese restaurant at the food court. Shared a bowl of soup momo (Nepalese meat dumplings in a dhal-like soup) and fried noodles.

Soup Momo

Once we had filled our bellies, we walked over to Sunway Putra Hotel. The whole place was bustling with activity as the SEA Games contingent from Philippines and Vietnam were holed up there. Security was 'tight' with several metal detectors and baggage scanners at the lobby. The actual reason we were there was to listen to a sharing by Lilian Ong, a successful Nu Skin distributor in Singapore. She is a charismatic speaker, detailing her long journey from a high-paying marketing director career to qualifying as a USD 10 million circle member. Network marketing is a very different kind of approach, that's why its often shunned. It seems so crazy to exit the rat race.

Tea time was at Onde-Onde, a Malaysian restaurant that supposedly serves the second best Asam Laksa in town. Trust me, it's a lie. However, I do recommend their kaya butter toast.

Kaya Butter Toast

For the first time ever, we went to watch Harith Iskander, who was crowned "Funniest Person in the World" by Laugh Factory. That night's show at HGH Convention Center was called "I Told You So", a long-winded story about young, reckless love. I didn't feel that I got my money's worth of laughs. Felt that the side-tracked jokes were better than the main story line. The show was recorded that night, so who knows, our faces may turn up on TV some time. Hope I wasn't looking bored!

Harith Iskander: I Told You So


Twilight Man said...

I have met Harith Iskander more than once but yet to see him perform. I wanna laugh so badly nowadays.

William said...

I saw him shopping at Publika with his wife and children.