Monday, September 25, 2017



At the very last minute, mum received a call from her friend, looking for kakis to attend a charity lunch. Her friend had bought a whole table at MYR1,000. Managed to get SK, KH, and the Tribe to go. Since it was on a Sunday, we attended morning mass and killed some time at One Utama. The venue was at Palm Springs, Kota Damansara, so we didn't need to rush over.

Appetizer Platter

The event was organized by Persatuan Penganut Guang Shou Jin She, Kepong, a Buddhist organization in Kepong. In my opinion, the whole event wasn't very well-organized as the audience seemed quite disjointed with what was happening on stage. Basically, they were raising funds for a construction project, so they were selling biscuits and tea, and even had an auction of 'genuine' Qing dynasty pottery. A tea cup went to the highest bidder for MYR20,888. In between all that, there was some singing and a drumming performance by a school troupe. The kids weren't that good. The energy wasn't there and the ebb and flow of the drumming just seemed awkward at times. Accompanying the drumming was a lion dance of sorts, as that lion seemed to have much mixed parentage. And now to the food. The kids hated it, not even wanting to eat the fried stuff. Must be some stigma attached to vegetarian food. Most of the dishes were fried (a lack of imagination in the kitchen), and the more 'normal' vegetables only made an appearance after the second half. The caterer was also quite hopeless. There were no extra cups, and even if you wanted extra chili sauce, they had none to offer. Talk about ngam ngam hou.


Lion or Dragon?

Namo Buddhaya

In the evening, SK came over for dinner. Mum suggested we try a new shop in our neighbourhood. Most of the stuff on their menu was ready-made. To balance out our vegetarian lunch, we picked out a lot of meat dishes. LOL. Ate soy sauce chicken, braised lamb belly with fuzuk, vinegar pork trotters, old cucumber soup, and a plate of blanched yau mak. None of the dishes evoked a single complaint from me. Thumbs up! Will be back again to try some of their other stuff.

Yau Mak

Soya Sauce Chicken

Braised Lamb

Vinegar Pork Trotters


Arvind Ram Kumar said...

that lion seriously looks strange :-|

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Twilight Man said...

Wow!! A tea cup for RM20,888!! Why no photo ah? You know I am antiques lover.

William said...

Erm, it's octagonal.