Friday, September 08, 2017

Uroko Rocks

Sesame Seed Balls

Saturday was spent at the market as usual. Normalcy had returned with the passing of the peak of Raya celebrations. People were getting back to work and the market saw a glut of fresh produce, bringing the prices down. The face of the OUG morning market is constantly in flux. The latest addition is a food truck selling cakes. The truck was decorated in such a way that it would look perfect in a carnival. Lets see if it will survive. My breakfast was a plate of wantan noodles from Daniel's stall. Mum just ate a couple of hard-boiled eggs and knicked some charsiew off my plate.

Daniel Wantan Noodles


Mum had a more proper meal during lunch. With the ingredients she bought at the market, she whipped up two hot bowls of YTF topped with chicken and hard-boiled egg-- one clear soup, and one curry. A very satisfying meal.

Mum's Lunch

Been wanting to try Uroko, so I brought my mum there. Never noticed those shops, must be new. Few years back, I used to take that route from Section 17 to bypass the toll when heading to One Utama. The place is located on a second floor shop lot, but it's hard to miss from the main road since the sign is huge. Arrived there at around 7:30 PM and most of the tables in the black-themed restaurant was occupied. Since we were walk-ins, we had to take the counter seats.


Compared to the usual Japanese restaurant, Uroko has several surprises. A great place to go if you're looking for something different. And Khatijah gushed about the quality of their omakase, but I did not go for that because I have watch out for mum's special dietary requirements. Started with Salmon Ball Salad, a salad with an amazing presentation. The raw vegetables are compressed and wrapped with overlapping slices of raw salmon, then topped with a special sauce that's swimming with ikura and tobiko. Excellent.

Salmon Ball Salad

Next came skewers of chicken gizzard, chicken cartilage, and chicken thigh with leek. Loved all of it. Then came the Hanabi Sushi which is pan-fried tuna topped with foie gras. Perfect for mum since she's not eating rice these days. Also was a good order. The last item was the fatty tuna soup. Took some time to arrive. The soup had three thick slices of fatty tuna in a piping hot dashi. Warmed me to the core. Will definitely make a return visit.

Grilled Skewers

Hanabi Sushi


Twilight Man said...

OMG! Someone aroused you in between the hanging carcasses!!

William said...

LOL. Not my cut of meat.

Derek said...

When are we going to Uroko? Hehe

William said...

Wait until sienz.