Monday, September 18, 2017

Job at Jo's

Pan-seared Scallops

Slept a bit late due to the MH debacle the night before, but I still managed to wake up early to accompany mum to the OUG morning market. KH was also there in his skanky pants. Caught hold of him so that I could recount my misadventure.

At noon, I dropped mum off at her meeting and headed home. Lebuhraya Bukit Jalil was such a mess due to the road works. The contractor had missed their deadline twice and the final deadline was the SEA Games. If not for the fact that the Federal Territories Minister was to officiate the opening of the new highway expansion, I'm sure they would continue to take their sweet time. When the ramps open, hopefully the traffic be as smooth as a fist through a Crisco cave.

In the evening, I left the house to meet KH for dinner. Not 3 minutes after I drove out my missing luggage from the night before had arrived at my doorstep by the services of a taxi driver. So I turned back in and out again to meet KH at Jo's Fish Market. The experience there was pretty frustrating as many things weren't available. One of the warning signs of an early demise. We had grilled Amberjack head and some pan-seared scallops.

Grilled Amberjack Head

Bored of our usual haunts in Kuchai Lama, we found Penthouse Cafe just a few doors away. When we walked in, the waiter exclaimed, "The kitchen is closed.". Told him that we were there for drinks, but he repeated the same thing which pissed me off. Had to raise my voice before he understood that we were there for coffee. When the waitress took our order turns out the kitchen wasn't closed, just that they were swamped. So much for the gweilo chef from Burgundy.

After coffee, we spent a little private time in the car. Not exactly the preferred way to connect on a physical level, but beggars can't be choosy. :D.


Twilight Man said...

How does skanky pants look like?

William said...

Google Images: "Compression pants"

Anonymous said...

How did the car handle all the vibrations? heheh

William said...

LOL, not f*cking in the car also...

Derek said...

You have fetish for skanky pants hehe

William said...