Friday, September 29, 2017

Gin & Tonic


Once in a while, KH and I go on weekday date nights. KH was getting a Spanish vibe that night, so we ate at Mercat Barcelone Gastrobar in Bangsar. Not many tables were occupied on that Wednesday night, but still we did not experience their so-called 'attentive' service that many past customers raved about. But we did notice that each table had several orders of their famous gin and tonic. The gin du jour was actually MYR80+ for a double shot which was served in a balloon glass. Expensive right? But we ordered it anyway. Quite a strong drink... no wonder it's so popular.


Our dinner was a few tapas and an order of grilled pork ribs. We had the Bouquerones en Vinagre, which is cured anchovies with roasted peppers. And no tapas dinner is complete without Patatas bravas, KH's favourite potato dish. Both tapas had excellent food presentation and innovative form factor, like dim sum on granite serving slabs. We also had a bowl of Chorizo al vino, chorizo served with baby scoops of potatoes in red wine sauce. For the main course, we ordered grilled pork ribs. Strangely, it was so heavily marinated with turmeric that I wonder if it actually tastes Spanish!

Grilled Pork Ribs

The night was still young, so we walked along Jalan Telawi until a dessert place caught our eye-- Inside Scoop. Something sweet to close the day, and a sweet young thing manning the counter. LOL. Sorry, no spy shot.

Ice Cream


Twilight Man said...

When Inside Scoop was newly opened, I joined a long queue to taste a scoop! Phew!

William said...

Now no need to queue.

Derek said...

Patatas bravas! Hehe