Sunday, September 10, 2017

Drive-through Dating

Ham Chim Peng

I'm lucky that KH elects to fetch me from the airport as a kind of 'drive-through' date. He comes all the way from work to brave the Friday traffic to see me for a couple of hours, which is very sweet. Right after collecting my luggage on that Friday, I made a call to KH which made him miss a turning. My poor dear had to make a 30-minute detour because of that. To kill the time, I walked into Jaya Grocer. I was expecting the price of groceries there to be higher, but I was wrong. So, I happily filled a basket with vegetables. A first for me, grocery shopping at the airport. By 8:00 PM, I was already quite hungry, so I bought a ham chim peng from I Love Yoo!. Right after scarfing it down, KH arrived. I offered to drive since my darling couldn't feel his ass anymore. Lol. Back home, we shared dinner that mum cooked.


The next morning was spent at the market as usual. Had YTF again. Mum reheated roast goose that SK packed from Hong Kong. The aroma of the goose oil was really one of a kind. Mum used some of it to stir-fry vegetables. Drizzle it over salad even, it's incredible! With such a strong aroma, I wonder why the paired sauce is so pungent as well. Can detect something like sesame oil in there. Basically the goose is fine as is.


Right after lunch, I sent mum out for her massage nearby. Accompanied KH for lunch then adjourned to my place. With the house empty, KH and I could have our afternoon delight. A moan, moan, here, and moan, moan, there. Here a moan, there a moan, everywhere a moan, moan. Well, you get the idea. Not long after I had my cream pie, we had to go pick her up. After picking her up, we went to Asian Concept Cafe for a drink. It's a new place in Equine Park that replaced Hailam Kopitiam. Was quite happy with their Three Layer Green Tea. There's a lala waiter there that might have some fans here.



Arvind Ram Kumar said...

once i went to the airport to curi curi see Bee for few minutes, didn't manage to spend time coz he was with his family when he returned from his family holiday trip...

creampie ? yummy yummy !! XD

William said...

Hiding behind tiang? Like in Hindi films?

Twilight Man said...

Wonder who is this Bee? TZ?

Hey this KLIA2 is a good place to shop as the prices are the same lah. They try to follow Changi where even the local Singaporeans would shop at the adjacent mall and restaurants.

William said...

It's different with Changi. The airport is accessible via MRT at a normal fee.

Derek said...

That was the longest drive to the airport. Lol

William said...

Go Ipoh. LOL.

Arvind Ram Kumar said...

you can follow me on Instagram @arvindrk86 if you want to know more about us , and don't worry, i don't bite people, and would be pleased to make friends :)

dan said...

Is that Datuk Najib at pasar, holding the handbag?

William said...

If he was, he would not have left that place unscathed.