Tuesday, September 05, 2017

Cleaning Up After

Porkball Noodles

On the second day of Raya, mum and I went out to breakfast at Restoran Yoong Seng. I had pork ball noodles, while she only ate the sam gan chong pork balls. In the afternoon, we had to get to Old Klang Road to check out our very first AirBnB guests. It was a joint effort between my sister, BIL, BIL's siblings, and myself. My sister did most of the interior design, and even made some of the furniture and decorative items from scratch. I just helped in setting up the listing.

Sam Gan Chong

When mum and I got there, we found that the guests were a group of young adults from Penang. I thought they were students. Collected the keys and access cards from them, and sent them on their way. They left the place very tidy and even left the used towels in a neat, folded stack on the floor. Made our work easier, but it still ain't easy being the 'housekeeper'. We put the towels into the washer, changed all the linens, and washed the bathrooms. The most hated task would be making the beds and changing the comforters. Troublesome.

After finishing up, mum and I had lunch at the condo. She had packed food in a tiffin carrier and brought it along. We ate, drank coffee, and rested, basically enjoying home away from home. Since the towels were still in the washer, we had to bring the linens home. Yet to find a solution to the laundry problem-- wash, dry, and iron. Best to get more spares first especially when it comes to future back to back bookings.

Out dinner was asam laksa that a neighbour made (not the usual supplier). For some reason, my neighbours love asam laksa. After we ate, mum and I made another trip to the condo to get the towels. Four hours! Front-loaders are so slow. Enjoyed a bit of the night view before we headed home. Definitely not an easy task being an AirBnB host. Think we can breathe easier once the self check-in and self-check out procedures, and of course the matter of cleaners and laundry service.

Asam Laksa


Arvind Ram Kumar said...

for a while after looking at that title, i thought your post was something about naughty stuff...cheeeehhhh ;-p hahahaha

William said...

Must also clean up before!

Jaded Jeremy said...

Good to have nice guests :)

William said...

Scared to think about horrible guests.