Friday, September 01, 2017


Salam Aidilfitri

For the whole month of Ramadan, my client in Brunei was in half-hibernation mode. Staff left the office at 3:15 PM, and things couldn't move much, no matter how much their gangster COO bellowed and cursed. Most obvious was the week before Hari Raya where everyone was already in the holiday mood. The whole floor was decked out with lights, ketupats, tinsel, lanterns, and they even set up a desktop for a slideshow of photos from last year's festivities. Felt a little like Christmas to me. Whatever the case, I also welcomed the fact that I would not need to fly to Brunei for more than a week since most of the staff would not be working.


Arrived back in KL on Friday evening, and had a short meet-up with SK at my sister's place. She had brought pungent cheese and cold cuts from her trip to England and Scotland. The next morning, we had breakfast together as well at Ker Yuan Kitchen, Taman OUG. Ate a whole lot of YTF that morning. The Tribe were there too because we had to prep things for our very first AirBnB guest. Had to make the beds, provide clean towels, etc. I was also there to set up the WiFi access point. However, the Webe mobile broadband SIM wasn't compatible with my broadband dongle, so I had to make a return trip later.


Back home, I made a few calls to Webe and got the settings sorted out. The alternative solution was to use a spare mobile phone and turn it into a hotspot. So SK and I went back out to the condo to set up the internet. We then had a late lunch at Aroi Thai, Pearl Shopping Gallery. They served the biggest bowl of boat noodle I ever saw. Full-sized! Tasted quite good, just that I was too over-zealous with the chili flakes and chili oil.

Aroi Thai

In the evening, mum and I went for walk at Bukit Jalil Park. Just 3 kilometers or so. By the time we finished, it was dinner time and mum suggested that we eat at Down to Bones, Taman OUG. Since our last visit during SK's birthday, it has moved from the kopitiam to their own shop lot at Jalan Hujan Rahmat 3. The grill is right at the entrance, and their ventilation ain't that great, so I suggest you come early to dine al fresco. They made some counter seats like at a sushi restaurant, but who would want to sit right in front of such a hot grill? Food quality remained the same, but the price increased by MYR5. The menu is also a little bigger now with a selection of pasta. I also tried their Chicken v2.0, but I wasn't impressed. Just stick with the pork ribs.


Pork Ribs


Anonymous said...

Hot AirBnB guest??

William said...

So far no cute gay lous.

Jaded Jeremy said...

Who's doing AirBnB? Whose condo?

William said...

Sister + co.