Sunday, September 03, 2017

A White Raya

A White Raya

With mum on a strict no-carbs diet, Raya ain't what it used to be. Plus, we had no inclination to go to any government open houses, so we just spent it at a local mall. Statistically, Sunway Pyramid is one the malls that we often ignore although its quite near to my place. The horrendous traffic and parking are the key reasons. So with most KL-ites out of town for Raya, we made our way there. The roads were clear and we found parking in a jiffy. For the first day of Raya, everything seemed business-as-usual. Only a few shops were closed. And since it was our first visit after a long time, many of the shops were fresh in our eyes. In my opinion, the Raya decorations were lacklustre. The focal point was the frame of a Malay village house, all in white. Event the silhouettes of coconut trees were white. Ever heard of a White Raya? Doesn't photograph well too.

Raya Rotunda

Our lunch was at Sho Kushiage, a pork katsu joint. Mum was felt adventurous and ordered the premium katsu with cheese fondue. On top of that, we got a plate of grilled pork neck meat. A word of warning, their kitchen is kinda on the slow side. So if you are starving, go elsewhere. When the katsu arrived, I found the size to be a little on the small side. And I felt that the breading was a little different. It did taste good, but it's much better with the traditional sauce than the melted cheese. The grilled pork neck meat was also good because it was so fatty. 50% fat! But it's really weird because that's not common at all.


Pork Neck Meat

Walked ten thousand steps there but we did not buy a single thing. Lol. From my observation, there seems to be done kind of Eggetes fad going on in Sunway. Saw three such shops there. College students love it so much? There's also a Koi there, but also without my favourite Oolong Macchiato. Sad.


After spending MYR6 of parking there, we left in search of coffee. No interesting cafe in the mall at all. Been always wanting to try Garage 51, and lucky for me, they were open. Unfortunately, their menu is full of fancy, blended coffee concoctions that's on mum's restricted list. In the end, I settled on a Mochatella sans the Nutella! It was good, but at MYR16, really quite pricey.

Garage 51

In the evening, I had a nice swim after a long, long time. I don't want my sexy swim trunks to die of neglect. The elastic can dry out and before long, it will crackle like a year-old cum rag you found under your bed. Two thirds into my laps, it started to drizzle. Ignored it since there was no lightning. Ah well, a Raya swim that had no lemang to negate!


Twilight Man said...

You have cum rags under the bed?

William said...

No lo. Just a figure of speech.

Derek said...

I also have been to Pyramid for ages!

William said...

Go there paktor?