Tuesday, August 01, 2017

Find a Fridge


The Sanyo refrigerator at my home has been around nearly as long as I. Mum finally decided to let it go due to its constant leaking. Other than that, it works perfectly fine really. Manufacturers don't make things so sturdy anymore. On a fine Saturday morning, SK, mum, and I made a trip to Sri Petaling to shop for a refrigerator. We ate at Poppo Kanteen before heading to D'Legend, our favourite neighbourhood electricals store. After much deliberation, we decided on a Hitachi. Although its more expensive, the reputation and quality is better. As much as the salesman praised Hitachi, I bought an extended warranty anyway. Better be safe than sorry with today's appliances.

Nasi Lemak

Right after that, we stopped at Minamotonoya Cafe for a cup of coffee. Never noticed the place really. According to the staff, its been there for years. Do give their Tofu Cheesecake a try if you're a fan of cheese and tofu.

Tofu Cheesecake

SK suggested that we meet up with KH in the afternoon for another spot of coffee at The Coffee Sessions. Much to our surprise, we touched door nails because the cafe rolled the mat. The nearest alternative was Coffee Culture, but I wasn't keen on their coffee. In the end, we ended up having cendol underneath a tree. Had to pray that the crows don't poo on our heads!

Food Truck



Jaded Jeremy said...

How's the chendol? Where is this?

Ernest Low said...

Hope the fridge is not Made in China!

Twilight Man said...

Alamak! You knew that was the same brand that my sister's one which kaput. The after sales service was bad. They didn't have technician to fix the computerized mother-board after 2 weekssssssss!!!!!

William said...

Not great.

Erm, I think the compressor is made in Japan.

Thank goodness I bought the extended warranty.