Friday, August 18, 2017

Coming to Klang


Out of the blue, KH arranged a day out to Klang. He picked me up at 8:00 AM, and we made our way to AEON Bukit Tinggi where Gratitude was waiting to join us for a hearty BKT breakfast. The first choice was Ah Soon BKT, but it was not opened. Perhaps the owner celebrated Nuzul Al-Quran? Haha. Gratitude presented us with a second choice-- Fei Kay (literally "aeroplane"). Fei Kay BKT specialises in the clay pot variant, not the typical small bowl style of Klang. We tried both varieties, soup and dry. Being purists, Gratitude and I prefer the soup variant, but KH wanted to try the dry variant. To me, the latter is also nice, but it definitely ain't BKT.

Claypot BKT

Yu Tiao


For second breakfast (we sound like Hobbit), Anton asked us whether we would like apom or kopitiam fare. KH wanted the latter, so we visited a branch of Cheong Foh. The place has a very different feel because it's renovated to look like a food court, where every food stall has their own counter, and the whole place is air-conditioned. When we arrived, it was a full house, but he managed to get some seats via the old daap toi strategy. I liked the coffee, and it came in a big cup. Unlike some places where the cups are so thick that one day it may look like we are sipping kopi out of a mortar. To complete the experience, we ordered a few sets of kaya-butter toast.

Kaya Butter Toast

Next up, KH and I watched "Wonder Woman" at AEON Bukit Raja. I do agree that it's refreshing to see a female superhero on the big screen, but the movie didn't really impress me. Before leaving Klang, we stopped at Restoran New I Po to pack a roast duck back to KL. Gratitude satisfies his craving for duck there and I must say it's a good choice. And they don't just give you the duck, they reheat it slowly with a hot oil bath. Back at my place, we had a late lunch of roast duck, bakzhang, and some dishes that mum made (fried fish and aubergine tempura). KH is always amazed by the amount of food served at my home.


The Tribe returned home in the evening, after 3 weeks roaming around London, Iceland, and Scotland! Little Monster got me this from the Loch Ness Centre & Exhibition:



Derek said...

Time for another food trip to Klang! Hehe

Jaded Jeremy said...

Yeah, tried dry BKT a couple of times but to me, the soup version (even "normal" one) is way better.

William said...

So fast?

Each have their own merits, but BKT is still soupy to me.