Friday, August 11, 2017

Breakfast, Berlawak, Babi, Botanica

Barista Mural

With mum's special dietary requirements in force, there aren't many simple breakfast choices that I can choose from. For some reason, the trip to the morning market was shelved, so it was a leisurely breakfast that day. Went to SetiaWalk in search of a cafe that opened early. Only one choice was available-- TiPsy Brew O'Coffee. Looked quite promising actually. The interior was not the cincai type, they did have some work done with patterned raw brick walls, murals and such. I got the All Star Breakfast, while mum went for the Cheesy Baked Eggs. Both came with a choice of OJ or black coffee. Not bad at all. Got to love the jumbo sausage and scrambled eggs. When we left, some flea market stalls had begun operating, but truth be told, it wasn't comfortable to browse in such oppressive heat.

Cheesy Baked Eggs

All Star Breakfast

KH had bought tickets to MACC's "Now That's I Call Jokes Vol. 8". Well we all know that most of MACC's investigations are jokes, but I'm not talking about THAT MACC, it's the Malaysian Association of Chinese Comedians. Can't help but feel that Dr. Jason Leong looks more and more like Jho Low. Kuah Jenhan had a wonderful story about his trip to Czech Republic, Phoo Chi Ho basically talked about ass hair, and Douglas Lim seamlessly talked about life and politics.

MACC's "Now That's I Call Jokes Vol. 8"

After some Cina Babi comedy, it's apt to actually makan babi. Ticklish Ribs and 'Wiches was conveniently located near the access escalator of The Gardens Theater where we had just watched the show. Cute cartoon pig statues are located all over the place. Unapologetically babi. Ate two varieties of ribs, signature and salted egg yolk. The latter wasn't very obvious. In addition to that we had the steamed flower buns stuffed with braised pork. Mantou with Dong Po meat la, but it was really good! Had a couple of beers too. A great dinner.


Pig Murder


Steamed flower buns stuffed with braised pork

Our night did not end there. Continued to roam to Bangsar South to check out Botanica+Co, an atas-looking place.Whole lot of glass and greenery. Must look amazing during the day. We sat down with some wine and a plate of truffle fries. A few tables away, a group of Dato' Seri Vida wannabes were celebrating someone's birthday. All the guidelines were fulfilled-- thick makeup, tiaras, sashes, and kerengga-stung lips. Closer to home, a couple was next to us, enjoying dinner, and each other's company, just like us.


DSV Birthday Party

Truffle Fries


Twilight Man said...

Just the name of Dr.Vida is enough to tickle me.
Our community FB of over 10K have been poking the silliest Vida jokes that could wake up all the dead.

William said...

Her singing and dancing could wake the dead.