Saturday, August 05, 2017

Birthday and Bakzhangs

Apollo's Birthday Cake

Apollo's mum invited us over to her place to celebrate the DuanWu festival. Among the guests were surprise guests, Mei and her cute daughter. Been a long time since I saw both of them. A huge lunch was prepared for all of us, including dessert. In addition to all that food, we also had two cakes for Apollo's birthday. When we were done with the food, we adjourned to the living room where we chatted and played with Mei's daughter. Played a game of Penguin Trap, where two players take turns using an ice pick to hack off hexagonal pieces of 'ice'. The loser is the who lets the plastic penguin fall off the ice shelf.

SK brought some Milo Cubes that she had ordered off 11Street. Basically, it's exactly what it sounds like, Milo powder compacted into cubes. If the Transformers ever consumed Milo, it would be in that form, similar to Energon cubes. Anyway, Mei's daughter loved that stuff. But I teased her by putting all of them on the Penguin Trap ice shelf. I told her that she will only get to keep whatever's left on the shelf. The poor girl looked so distraught. :P. At the end of the party, Apollo's mum gave each of us Halal bakzhang. Cool, yau tak sek, yau tak lik.

DuanWu Lunch



Twilight Man said...

What a scrumptious lunch complete with desserts and Penguin Trap. Should I play this game??

William said...

Give it a go!

Derek said...

Hehe.. Fun times!