Saturday, July 22, 2017

Very the Wesak

Dim Sum

When I was a little boy, Wesak was the time to go to the Kuantan Buddhist Association to bathe the statue of Baby Buddha with water that was full of flower petals. Mum would then take a few packets of that water to use at home. Before leaving, we would also line up for the free vegetarian food. Every year, it would be the same delicious fried noodles topped with vegetable curry, and faux roast goose. Fast forward 2017, I'm sitting at Foo Hing Dim Sum House having stuff that would never qualify as vegetarian. As expected, it was very difficult to get a table a Foo Hing, but we were lucky that the crowd overlooked a table right at the back of the place. In my opinion, dim sum there is quite decent. According to my colleague, they are pretty famous for the their big pao, but its sold out pretty quickly. Perhaps next time.

Siew Mai


Twilight Man said...

Once upon a time you were a Buddhist?

William said...

Yes, I'm a convert.