Saturday, July 01, 2017

Serpentine Under the Hood

Battery Indicator

While driving to work one morning, I noticed a loud clunk when turning a bend. I looked up to the rear-view mirror but couldn't see anything on the road that might have caused the noise. The car just ran normally. Thought nothing of it since my Iswara Skyline was already 16 years old!

When I was driving home however, I finally noticed something weird-- the battery indicator light was on. Hmmm.... I reached home with no untoward incident, but I did check with my mechanic to make sure if its something I should worry about. He told me that it was probably a serpentine belt problem, so I went to take a look under the hood. Did look like something was missing, so I took a picture for my mechanic. He confirmed that I was missing the serpentine belt. Mystery solved. So the clunk was the sound of my serpentine belt falling off.

Serpentine Belt Missing

The serpentine belt's purpose is to drive the alternator and water pump. Without the belt, my battery wasn't charging, hence the battery indicator light. And since the water pump wasn't running, my car could overheat. Both situations were disastrous, so I quickly sent it in for a replacement the next morning. Lucky for me, it didn't cost a bomb.


Twilight Man said...

I thought you are driving Almeera.
You and I had the exact same problem with the noise of fallen metal.

Jaded Jeremy said...

Oh wow! Lucky!

William said...

Iswara belongs to my mum, Almera belongs to me.

When it comes to old cars, have to be observant.