Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Mother at MyTown

Mother's Day Blessing

During the Mother's Day weekend, the priest presiding over the mass called all mothers to the altar for a blessing. More than half of the pews were emptied. Felt close to 65%. Amazing. After mass, mum and I ventured to MyTown, having gotten sick of Paradigm Mall. It was quite a challenge for me to get there because my GPS was basically shot. Infuriating. But I was quite lucky because my instinct of following the jam brought me to where I wanted to go.


MyTown is really quite huge. Walking up and down the length of the mall made me hit my step counter goal pretty quickly. Mum and I had a free lunch at Nando's. Redeemed my Pervilege Full Chicken, and they even threw in a free soda drink for Mother's Day. Tried our best to finish the meal, but we could only finish 3 quarters. The mall isn't running at full tenancy with around 40% of the lots still unoccupied. But IKEA was open and boy, it was brimming with people. Had not visited IKEA in years really. Outside is a 'sculpture' that looks like a red version of Inges Idee's "The Drop" in Vancouver.




SK had dinner with us, but our initial plan of eating at a Chinese restaurant was scuttled due to the crazy crowds on Mother's Day weekend. We went to Butter-Up Cafe instead to try their new food menu. I was pleasantly surprised by their cheap combo meals and hearty portions. Definitely worth a visit. Don't bother with the discount bread though. Doesn't keep well at all.


Combo Meal


Jaded Jeremy said...

Where is this MyTown?

William said...

One of KL's latest malls:
Seksyen, 90, Jalan Cochrane, Cheras, 55100 Kuala Lumpur, Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Twilight Man said...

I had no idea how this MyTown looked like. Thanks for sharing.

William said...

Visiting soon I hope.