Sunday, July 09, 2017

Mall Celebrities: HBCT Harry

Location: Hokkaido Baked Cheese Tart, Avenue K.

HBCT Harry ain't exactly an exceptional looker, but I was attracted by his lean, sleek and tall silhouette. He really rocks that pullover over shirt look. No frumpiness at all. Talking of HBCT, I'm not crazy about it at all. Tried the warm version and I was quite overwhelmed by the pungent taste. Pop it in the fridge and its much more agreeable with me.


Anonymous said...

WHY NO FACE PIC? hahahah

To be honest, he looks suave

Twilight Man said...

Their HBCT is ranked lowest amongst all in KL.

simonlover said...

Can imagine him looking cute at the front .. LOL

William said...

Hahahaha. Office wear fetish?

Wah, you've tried all the outlets?

What else can you imagine?

Twilight Man said...

Yes I have eaten every single cheese tarts. I could be a worm in the cheese in my past lives. LOL