Monday, July 03, 2017

Early Jeremy

Clam Soup

Simonlover organized an early birthday dinner for JJ. We met at Kimiya, Avantas for a nice Japanese dinner. Our conversation was centered on Simonlover's recent adventure in Okinawa. Interesting that he described it as a very un-Japanese place in Japan. Guess that's to be expected from the long years of US military presence there. And he complained about the weather having brought all sorts of super short shorts and tank tops, only to have it cold and windy. LOL. Simonlover was also nice enough to bring us famous Okinawan snacks made from purple sweet potatoes.

Salted Egg Pancake

Right after dinner, we went next door to Inside Scoop for some ice cream. I opted for the salted egg waffles. I was kinda disappointed because its just normal buttermilk waffles with a drizzle of salted egg sauce. They do give some extra sauce in a small syringe, but that doesn't make much of a difference. In the end, we called it a night after a group photo, which was taken by a very helpful sister from the table beside us.



Derek said...

Why so little food pics from Kimiya de? Lol

Twilight Man said...

Wah... That purple potato snack cost a bomb.
I heard that Okinawa & Wakkanai are 2 most un Japanese places. The folks in Wakkanai looked Russian.

Jaded Jeremy said...

Thanks for coming :)

William said...

Ugly food pics.

Is we convert, I think most things from Japan cost a bomb. :P

My pleasure.