Saturday, July 15, 2017

Cut Out Carbs

Nasi Kerabu

Nothing much of interest happened at the end of April. The only notable thing was mum's decision to start her no-carbs diet. So whenever we ate out, there was always special food considerations. SK's ex-coursemate invited us to her daughter's Upacara Mencukur Rambut, basically a traditional Malay baby shower of sorts. The baby's hair is cut in a ceremony that is observed by family and community members. Anyway, I missed that part. We arrived just in time to eat. Mum ignore the rice and went straight for the fried chicken and roast lamb. Haha.

Chicken Chop

While dining at Kakatoo in IOI City Mall, mum just ate the chicken chop, and left the mash untouched. Their mainstay is actually Nyonya food, but the price range is really a little on the high side. Wonder if they will survive for long. Even when we had cendol at Teochew Chendul, mum could actually resist. At our post-mass lunch the next day, we ate a Purple Cane where we just ordered dishes without rice. An interesting change of lifestyle.


When SK came with chou yip angku the next day, mum also didn't touch it although it was one of her favourite foods. Amazing. In the whole house, only the little ones and I ate rice. The rest of the adults were not. Mum cooked her dishes as usual, but sometimes we would have salad with avocados or feta cheese.

Chou Yip Angku

Salad with Feta Cheese

Even when it came to mum and Little Monster and mum's joint birthday dinner, I had to choose a venue suited for carnivores. KH helped me with some research and came up with El Meson at Bangsar. Easy to order there. Meat platter and some tapas (definitely go for the gambas and champiñones) for the adults, while the kids were very content with the paella pan pizzas. And their red sangria was pretty. I felt light-headed after just one cup! The birthday cake was a chocolate lava cake that Little Monster happily ravaged.



Chocolate Lava Cake


Twilight Man said...

The food are all so delicious. No carbs??? I better not live lah.

Derek said...

Wow..means 3 more than 3 months already on this diet...

William said...

Discover other alternatives.

Yeah lo, quite long jor.