Monday, July 31, 2017

BSB Birthday 2017


Every year, my cousin would extend us an invitation to his father's birthday party at Bagan Sungai Burong. As it was a Friday, I took a day off to drive down with mum and SK. The venue was changed back to Restoran Yao Kee this year, maybe due to the smaller number of guests. We were lucky to be given a table in the air conditioned room, but the downside was that it was shared with a table of VIPs who were puffing away like a chimneys. My uncle was pretty happy to see us. The more relatives, the merrier. The seafood wasn't all that great this time round, but it did have the yummy fish that SK liked. Once the birthday song was sung and the cake was cut, we adjourned back to the house. More chit-chat while batting away thick clouds of mozzies. As usual, we would leave the village with a huge box of fish that my cousin caught. He kept apologizing for the small size of the fishes because he had not been out at sea.Recently too busy with duties at the village Mazu temple. To us, the fish didn't seem small at all, and would last us months!

Seafood Noodles





Twilight Man said...

I love gatherings with relatives. They are the best gossipers with the filthiest mouths! Come on! Muahahahaha

William said...

I'm sure you're the life of any party.