Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Shop and Win


Ventured to Atria Shopping Gallery after a few months of absence to find it bustling with people. For some reason people were lining up for some kind of registration at the center court. The queues were so long that they snaked along the row of shops. Needless to say, mum and I went to kepoh at the counter. One lady in line was nice enough to tell us that she was registering for a lucky draw. Months ago, these people had spent a minimum amount of MYR118 in the mall, entitling them to enter the "Spring Splendour! Spend and Win" contest. The grand prize was a Misubishi ASX. Since it had nothing to do with us, we just ducked into Kame Sushi for lunch. From our table, we could still see the queue beyond the noren. Ten thousand people praying very hard for the same prize.

Winning a Car

Once we finished our lunch, we headed to center court to catch a magic show that included a costume quick change. I think the audience preferred the costume quick change over the magic tricks. The emcees were Arnold and Jay from the Hitz FM Breakfast Crew. The announcement of the prize winners was kinda slow, so mum and I didn't stay for the grand prize.

We continued shopping and in the end sat down for a bowl of buburchacha at Lean's. In my opinion, that tongsui was horrible. What can one expect when it's made like a bowl of ABC? Take bowl. Put in boiled black eyed peas, yam, and sweet potato. Then put in pieces of tapioca jelly. Pour in sweetened santan water. Banned. However, I did like their vegetable cucur.

Vege Cucur

SK joined us for dinner at Bandar Kinrara. I suggested that we try the new PRC ramen place near Sakura Sushi. When we arrived, we were the only customers. We ordered two bowls of ramen, and a plate of dumplings. Surprisingly, I liked the weird spicy ramen that contained lots of peanuts, and minced meat. Anyway, don't bother looking for the place because it closed permanently not long after. I don't even know what it was called. Haha. Lets see what comes along next.

TanTan Ramen



Derek said...

Didn't support enough then close lo

Simon said...

I really love how you always have photos of food on your posts haha :)

Twilight Man said...

You just made me realise how long I have not stepped inside Atria since my dad went to heavens.

William said...

Not much chance to support lo.

Food is an integral part of life. LOL.

Time for a revisit?