Sunday, June 18, 2017

His Horniness

Pumpkin Beancurd

HornyBF is not an easy person to meet since he is not based in Malaysia. The last time I met him was in 2013. So, when SimonLover suggested dinner, I tried my best to turn up. HornyBF requested for Chinese food, so I let KH do the thinking. Originally, we were supposed to eat at Mun Kee, but somehow, we ended up at a different restaurant called Loi Fatt Fatt in Happy Garden. According to Foursquare, the lady boss is infamously grouchy. Our lucky stars were shining brightly that evening, so she was in a good mood. She recommended three dishes-- Nyonya Gravy Steamed Tilapia, signature pork ribs, and pumpkin tofu. I liked all the dishes except the tofu which I found had a gravy that was too thick, like some kinda blended pumpkin soup.

Steamed Tilapia Nyonya Style

Signature Pork Ribs

The power couple told us about their upcoming vacation plans to Okinawa, and HornyBF regaled us with his HK foodie tales. Also we got to hear about their adventures in New York! When the last of the Nyonya gravy was mopped up, we paid, and headed for coffee. Just a few doors away was Zen and Co. That night, I ordered the Matcha Lava Cake, something that was out of character for me. I didn't regret it because its really good. Hope we won't need to wait another four years to meet up again over good food.

Green Tea Lava Cake

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