Saturday, June 24, 2017


Gamarjobat (actually means "Hello" in Georgian) is an award-winning duo who specialize in sketches, miming, and physical comedy. They are instantly recognizable with their red and yellow mohawk. They don't talk at all. Just a whole lot of expressive body language, whistles, and natural sound effects. Never thought that I would ever watch their show. For some reason, the tickets were going at 50% off, so KH cinched some cheap tickets for the VIP row. The show was held at HGH Convention Center, Jalan Ipoh as part of LOL Fest 2017. Spotted quite a lot of ang moh in the crowd. Among them, there was also a fan who came dressed like Ketch!, the guy with the red mohawk.

It was a very high energy performance with both of them bouncing up and down the stage. The good thing is that their brand of comedy is universal, something that nearly everyone can laugh at. Even mum could appreciate it. Supposedly kid-friendly, but they do have some naughty bits in the act. By the end of the show, they were sweating puddles and had already changed out of their coats. Perhaps I'll watch them again when they return in the future... preferably with a big discount. Hahaha.

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