Monday, June 05, 2017

Food Finds with KH

With KH staying over, I got a sneak peek of a future of  us living together. We would wake up at the same time, shower together, and get ready for work. I would have breakfast together with him, and then walk to my office. In the evening, we would have dinner together before heading back home. Then we would shower, and get into bed. Skank then sleep.  A simple routine, but a blissful one.

Here's a few food finds that KH and I made during the week-long routine:

1) Steamed fish and Clams in Superior Soup at 易生發海鮮飯檔. A random restaurant that we found on a rainy evening. In a part of town that we never usually venture to. Good food with gruff service.

Steamed Fish Head

Clams in Superior Soup

2) Beef Pho, Chicken Pho, and Spring Rolls at Wonton and Pho, Happy Garden. A new addition to the row of restaurants and cafes there. Seems to be fertile ground for new establishments. I wasn't impressed with the pho (but the homemade chili sauce is good), but I have praise for the spring rolls. Fresh ingredients, great texture. The accompanying peanut sauce came close to semi-diluted peanut butter-- it's that thick!

Beef & Chicken Pho

Spring Roll

3) Ah Fook Chu Cheong Fun at ICC Pudu. ICC Pudu is the new Imbi Market, with more space, more parking and 'better management'. The CCF there is one of the more popular stalls. Comes with thick curry gravy, not the fake, watery crap that is served almost everywhere. Will return to try out the other famous stalls there.

Food Court

Chu Cheong Fun


Twilight Man said...

You enjoyed the blissful week. What are you waiting for??

Derek said...

Bliss living with you dear! When can we move in together? :-)

William said...

@Twi: @Derek:
Waiting for my darling to buy a house.