Saturday, June 03, 2017

A Test of Will

Beancurd with Mixed Mushrooms

Only on rare occasions do I get to laze in bed on a Sunday with KH. No rush to get out of bed to attend mass since that was already taken care of the day before. Really savoured the chance to just kiss and snuggle with the person I love. Of course, that led to something more physical that drowned out the sound of chirping birds outside my window. The plan for the day was to spend time with Tater, the VIP from Bangkok who was in town to visit close friends. KH and I had wracking our heads, thinking of a suitable place for lunch. Multiple aspects were factored in, for example food preferences (Tater suggested Japanese), vegetarian options (for QueerRanter-D), positive reviews, location, and sun-ngan-ness. Not easy really, since we did the thinking during short breathers during sex. :P. Anyway, we parked at The Westin, then took the underpass from Fahrenheit 88 to Pavilion. Sanoook was located just at the border. In case you didn't know, Sanoook is a cross between a casual Japanese and Thai restaurant, brought to you by the people behind Chakri Palace

Thai Milk Tea

Tater came not long after we arrived. We began eating without Apollo and QueerRanter-D because they told us that they would be late. KH had the grilled unagi and pan-fried beancurd with mixed mushrooms, while I went for the stir-fried soba with seafood and basil. Surprisingly, Tater went the most traditional item on the menu-- rice with Thai basil chicken. Nice food, but small portions. I liked the Thai milk coffee more than the Thai milky ice tea. When the other couple finally arrived, the waiter had cleared the table. A communication mix up. Turned out that both of them weren't joining for lunch. One had church activities, the other attended a wedding lunch. We also thought that JL was coming, but that wasn't true as well. LOL.

Under Armour was having a Test of Will fitness challenge out front, so we stopped to ogle for a while.

Test of Will II

Test of Will I

Since both of them didn't need to eat, we moved the gathering to J&D Espresso, one of the new tenants in Pavilion Elite. It's quite a good place for quiet conversation. Later in the afternoon, we went back to The Westin for a swim. We changed into our swim trunks and made our way to the pool. Heavy rain started just as we arrived at the pool side. Dang! No choice but to go back up and chat some more. Finally received an autographed copy of the book that Tater recently published about his journey to complete the Marathon Grand Slam. An amazing feat running a major marathon in all the continents. Can't imagine myself running 42.2 KM, let alone doing it in extreme conditions like the Arctic circle.


Traveled back to Bandar Kinrara to have dinner at MaisonSK. A simple home-cooked meal of savoury rice. Dessert was served later at home, served up with many spurts love syrup. It was a great session with the Nexus Max 5 thrown in. For the first time ever, I topped KH. A milestone. Unfortunately, he didn't like the feeling.... yet? Haha. It wasn't used to it too. Anyway, we switched back to our normal positions and it was all good. With a whole week of abstinence and the lack of release that I got from the previous sessions, it was a crazy orgasm. Probably startled the neighbours.

Prawn Omelette


Jaded Jeremy said...

Eh, I thought you topped KH before? Hmmm...

William said...

Nope. :D

Anonymous said...

you should top him more hahah

Twilight Man said...

What is the title of the book?