Monday, May 01, 2017

V Day Debt


For the second week in a row, my mother had a CNY charity function to attend. She had an extra ticket for me at the last minute, but I declined to go. Would rather spend time with KH. My replacement was easy to find. There was an old lady who lived behind us who loved the idea of going for free food, getting freebies, and watching stage performances. Early in the morning, I sent both of them to Hao Xiang Chi Seafood Restaurant at Top Glove Tower, Setia Alam. The journey to-and-fro took about an hour. The restaurant at Hao Xiang Chi looked pretty classy, proof that the humble Sekinchan caterer has grown fat on profit from their venture into the Klang Valley.


I picked KH up and we went to lunch at Sri Petaling. On a whim, we ventured into Jalan Radin Bagus 6 which presented with choices like Coffee-ish, Shire Cafe, and Wayne's Cafe. We settled for Wayne's Cafe because it looked the busiest. Not really famished, we shared a plate of roast pork, and ordered a couple of coffees. The roast pork they serve is similar to the Sunday Roast Pork Roll at Yut Kee. Moist on the inside and crispy on the outside, and served with apple sauce. All was good with the exception of the roasted potatoes that came with it. A horrible coppery taste assaulted my tongue with a single bite. KH wanted an affogato but we were told that the ice cream had frozen solid due to a faulty chiller. Yikes.

Roast Pork

What else to do but to head home and skank? Plus, KH owed me V Day sex. Hehe. The longer than usual (interest!) session ended up with me having to clean up a big mess of cum on my bed sheet! Argh. I was too aroused, couldn't be bothered about stains. Just let it go. It was worth it. Haha. We had some time to cuddle before going out again. Ventured to Pearl Shopping Gallery to wait for my mum to arrive. Thankfully a friend offered to send her, saving me a trip to Setia Alam. We had coffee and cake at Fat Cat Cafe. The place faces SuperKidz Indoor Playground, so its less than ideal for a peaceful cup of coffee. However, its perfect for parents who dump their children there and grab a cup coffee to restore their sanity for an hour or so. The offerings weren't impressive, and the two kids manning the place wasn't coping very well. The affogato that KH ordered looked like frozen brains and my hazelnut latte tasted weird. The Earl Grey cake was good, albeit a small slice.

Caged Light

The day was not done. There was a BEC gathering at Taman OUG later in the evening. Dunno how I survived it. Must have been sleeping on my feet.



Anonymous said...

hehe...the sounds that you must have made.....

Derek said...

Hehe was that considered V Day sex?

Jaded Jeremy said...

The last pix was the affogato? Looks gross @@

William said...


Considered geh.

Appeals to zombies.

Twilight Man said...

OMG! You squirted like a Bomba's hose all over.