Monday, May 22, 2017

Suddenly Suria

Curry Laksa

When choosing a location for Sunday post-church shopping, I rarely ever consider Suria KLCC. So when I brought mum there, it was a fresh experience for her. It had been years since she set eyes on the Petronas Twin Towers. Lunch was at Miss Kwan's where we had curry noodles and nasi lemak. Mum had a productive time at Isetan buying some clothes and facial care products. It's interesting that camera film companies are dabbling in skin care now. With the advent of digital photography, consumers no longer have need for camera film and only a minority develop photos anymore. Understandably, that was a painful crunch for companies like Kodak and Fujifilm. However, some of them have bounced back and retrofitted their extensive research in photography to skin care. Interesting ain't it? Fujifilm's foray into facial care products is spearheaded by its brand Astalift, which mum bought.


Some months back, a conveyor belt sushi restaurant called Sakura Sushi opened in Bandar Kinrara 5. Truly quite a surprise to have a neighbourhood sushi restaurant along with the more mainstream Old Town and Pappa Rich. The response was quite encouraging, so mum and I gave it a try. When we arrived, the place was nearly full. Little wonder they had chairs outside for the waiting list. Prices are cheap there with plates set at MYR1.70 and MYR2.70. Perhaps that's why it resonates so well with their clientele, which are mostly families living nearby. And I was surprised to see some Malay customer there although they do not possess the all-powerful Halal certification from the greatest Halal authority in the universe, JAKIM. In my opinion, the food quality was decent for the price. On top of that, I would rather eat there than go to Sushi King.

Kaiten Sushi

Salmon Sashimi

Nigiri Sushi


Twilight Man said...

I always avoid Suria at all costs as the parking fees and layout sucks.
Your sushi costs is so low and beat mine by 10 sen at Sushi Mentai.

Simon said...

As always! Great shots and oh gosh just looking at the sushi makes me hungry. haha :)

Jaded Jeremy said...

Sushi King's sushi is horrible. Ok, specifically their salmon sushi

William said...

Yeah, their parking very confusing. I have never tried Sushi Mentai.

Thanks for dropping by.

Sushi King is horrible in general. Hahaha.