Sunday, May 14, 2017

Life Sdn. Bhd.


I first met Ry in 2007 when he was with YKLS. Quite an impressive fellow-- high flying corporate figure and dragon-boater, who cooks and works in the arts. Since that one show, I had not met him or watched him perform till a decade later! On a whim, KH and I went to catch his Friday show of "Life Sdn. Bhd." at KLPAC. While on the road, we bought the tickets off TicketPro. Dinner was settled at Scrummy, a cafe that didn't seem very popular. Our waiter was quite green with an inability to describe most of the items on the menu. And I would even venture to say that he does not even know how to take an order properly. That kinda explains the food blogger event going on at the other end of the premises to try hype things up a bit. The spicy seafood pasta that I ordered wasn't half bad, and KH's chicken chop was decent too. When I told Nicky05 that I was dining there, he hissed his disapproval! According to him, the place never had a following and he suspects that its backed by Malaysia's favourite political party. Based on his observations, it only sees a decent crowd during the fasting month, when busloads of people are treated to buka puasa dinners. Hmmm.


The Friday night show was not a very popular slot. Pentas 2 was only half full. KH and I sat right behind Faridah Merican, the executive producer. Arranged on the stage were ten stools for ten people who would share a snippet of their life. It was a very diverse mix of people on stage. We heard stories about personal struggles, mental health, relationship challenges, family matters, death, ageing, natural disasters, religion, and race. But all in all, it was about humanity. Among all that was shared, I was most attracted to Joe Hasham's tale his Lebanese father who emigrated to Australia for a better life. After the show, we took a selfie with Ry and his hubby Joel, and called it a night. Later when I got home, I finally connected with Joel on Facebook. Took us ten years to do that. Hahahaha. Better late than never.

Life Sdn. Bhd.

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Twilight Man said...

I guess I need to wait for another 10 years to connect with you in FB & take photos.