Saturday, May 27, 2017

HomeVacay I: From Brushing to Snuggling


On Friday night, mum and The Tribe took a flight to Shanghai for a week-long vacation. That gave KH and I the perfect chance to have a 'vacation' of our own. More about that in a bit. On Saturday morning, I woke up bright and early to get to the dentist. Been more than a year since my last scaling and polishing session. By 8:00 AM, I was at Drs Wong and Partners' HQ at Sri Petaling. Since Dr Wong only took walk-in patients on Saturday, I cranked up my kiasu-ness. Little did I realise that I lapsed into ultra-kiasuness (to quote Ridhuan Tee). I was even earlier than the nurses. Basically waited for an hour before I could even take a number. And another forty minutes before I was in the chair. Gosh.

Treatment Room

In the treatment room, the nurse prepped me with a pair goggles and a bib. The goggles were something new. She then told me to be patient as Dr Wong would make an appearance shortly. When she recounted a story about a patient who stormed out of the chair due to lack of patience, I finally understood why she had to 'manage my expectations'. Well, the scaling and polishing didn't take long. The dentist left as abruptly as he came. Once alone with the nurse, she started telling me about gum disease and proper brushing methods. The new recommended approach requires angling the toothbrush 45% to the gums to ensure that all food particles are dislodged. And before I left, she handed me the electric toothbrush head that was used. In the future, I'm supposed to bring it along. I would most probably forget or misplace it.

Drill Brush

I paid the MYR120 (it seems to increase during every visit) and went on my way to breakfast with SK. We ate beef noodles at Lai Foong's branch in Puchong Jaya. Been a while since I ate at the original stall along Jalan Tun HS Lee. Breakfast was free because SK's ex-client took care of the bill. Shortly after breakfast, KH came up to the house. He was gonna spend most of the week at my place! Yay! Celebrated the occasion with a good fucking. He finished, but I didn't. Plenty of time to revisit later.

Beef Noodles

Skipped lunch and went to the Hyundai showroom at Glenmarie. The new Hyundai Ioniq was beckoning to KH. We took the car out for a spin. KH wanted to test most of the spiffy features that the Ionic provided but the salesman wasn't very accommodating, so we couldn't see the autonomous emergency braking (AEB) and blind spot detection in action. The car looked kinda cool with a comfy interior, but the front grill looked a bit weird to me. In order for the features like AEB to work, the engineers crammed a radar at the front, so they replaced the usual 3D logo with a 2D logo. Not a common sight for a car. Kinda makes it look like those paper cars for Qing Ming! Just a small grouse on the aesthetics, doesn't steal the thunder from this popular hybrid model.


With KH's curiosity satisfied, we had coffee and cake at Craftsmen, Aman Suria. Think its a new kid on the block. Comfy place for a cup of coffee. Loitered there till it was time for evening mass. That day marked a milestone for KH because it was the first time he set foot in my parish and also the first time that he attended mass in Malaysia. Hehe.

Brick Wall Corner

Flat White

At dinner time, we met up with SK at Kota Damansara. Her ex-colleague had a dinner party at CQB which she asked us to join. Truth be told, KH and I weren't thrilled at the food choices available. Ma lat ain't our thing. I just drank a whole lot of salted vegetable duck soup. As you can guess, we didn't stay long.


Found a place called Olfactory Bulb, a self-proclaimed mixologist of liquor and coffee. The place has a dark, moody interior, with a designer flair. I attempted to order from their "Alcoholic Infused Coffiti" section, but was twice disappointed. Thank goodness my third choice was available-- the Guinness Bourbon Float. Looked like a Milo Dinosaur but definitely much stronger. According to the waitress, the chocolate ice cream was in the middle layer, floating between layers of two different density. Felt like a science experiment. We also ordered dessert-- the heavenly Pisang Bakar Cheese. They sliced the bananas lengthwise and gave the surface a layer of crispy caramel which was oh-so-good on the waffle!

Pisang Bakar Cheese

On our way out, a girl behind the bar offered SK a free shot of whisky. She was very friendly, hoping to connect with the alcoholic in SK. Haha. Perhaps we would come back more often if not for the horrible traffic there. That night, we snuggled and eventually fell asleep in each other's arms which in my opinion was the highlight of the day.



Derek said...

Hehe when is our next staycation?

Tater said...

What a nice start to the staycay! I can't wait to see what's in the next entry...

Twilight Man said...

You guys went to the parish and got married lah.

I googled and took a good look at the car. I agree the front looks funny
and resembles a cat fish with mouth opened. It doesn't look happy at all.

Jaded Jeremy said...

" That night, we snuggled and eventually fell asleep in each other's arms which in my opinion was the highlight of the day. " Yah, so nice hor :)

William said...

You send my mum on holiday lo :P

You know what's next.

Need to attend marriage course first. LOL.