Sunday, May 07, 2017

Dating at Duddha

Fusion Food

Duddha is an interesting restaurant in KLCC, located at the stretch facing the park. The place looks like a pop culture palace with an equally surprising menu. Not really knowing what to have, we ordered a couple of drinks and some random choices from the menu, and told the waiter that we'll top up "later". And so we had some quiet conversation. During that time, KH brought out a gift-- a replacement camera! My trusty Canon Powershot G11 had finally passed away during CNY after 7 years of service. In those years, it went for a major surgery to replace the swivel LCD. With the failure of the lens motor, I see no point to fix it anymore. Better to let it go. KH did some research, and got me a Lumix DMC-FZ300 as a replacement. So thoughtful isn't he? Compared to its predecessor, the Lumix is bulkier but outperforms it in terms of the speed and optical zoom (can finally take spy shots from far off!). Will take some getting used to.

Lumix DMC-FZ300


While waiting for the food, we also went around taking photos, employing the help of the waiter. He took horrible photos. Ish. Even after all that, our food had not arrived, so we questioned the waiter. Turned out that he did not put in the orders for the food. He thought our "later" meant that we would order later. Hahahahahah. I nearly wanted to roll on the floor. Gosh, major communication breakdown.

Starry Eyes

We had Hamachi tartare with avocado, coconut, brown coconut, pickled ginger flower, and sea grapes. A crispy concoction topped with alien-looking Okinawa seaweed. On top of that, we tried the green curry saltwater Barramundi with coconut, bone marrow rice, and pomelo salad. That was like foamy fish with a side of nasi dagang! Fantastic fusion for adventurous diners. Just that portions are a little small and the price a little high.


After dinner, we had a little walk in the park, watching the colourful fountains together with the tourists. Would have been great if we could leisurely stroll with our hands clasped together, not needing to weave our way through hordes of people. Well, once can always wish.

Fountain II

Fountain I


Derek said...

Always enjoy our dates very much :-)

Twilight Man said...

Honestly, your England is so powderful that I often needed to read 2-3 times.

William said...


Not a good sign for me. LOL.