Friday, May 05, 2017

Cook Up A Storm Then Down to Bones

Sunday was SK's birthday, but the celebration was deferred to a week later. Watched a movie with mum at GSC Paradigm Mall after church. "Cook Up A Storm" is story about a cook off between a Cantonese street cook and a French-trained hoity-toity Michelin star chef. The underdog was played by Nicholas Tze, who was perfect for the angsty role, and the cute Jung Yong Hwa was cast as his rival. Much of the movie was a technicolor display of kung fu cookery in slow motion. You know, like how it would be if Neo cooked. In my opinion, it was entertaining enough, and it had a scene with a nice close up of Jung Yong Hwa ass.

Tea Live

Out from the movie theater, I actually lined up for Tea Live, Brian Loo's new baby after his fallout with Chatime. It was a forty minute wait for the half-off bubble tea. Not sure if it tasted any different because I'm not a regular of Chatime. But a good thing was that my roasted milk tea and passion fruit tea was just the right level of sweetness although I forgot to ask them to tone it down.

Pork Ribs

SK arrived back in KL in the evening. Picked her up from KL Sentral and we went off hunting for dinner. To our surprise, mum suggested that we eat at Down To Bones, a BBQ place in Taman OUG (since it was so close to KH's place, he joined us too). Totally forgot about the place. We had been meaning to give it a try because of the owners was a son of mum's friend. FYI, they only open on the weekends, and only at night. The dinner crowd there is quite substantial, so if you're not too hungry, go after 8:30 PM. Don't have to fret much about choices when dining there. Very straight forward choice of chicken, lamb, or pork ribs. Mushroom soup or pork soup. Even the drinks are limited to the canned variety. Frankly, I would only go for the pork ribs. For MYR18, you get a pair of long ribs coupled with mash and slaw. Eating that whole thing is messy affair and is best done with the supplied plastic gloves. Wild mushroom soup ain't overly creamy, but the accompanying thin slices of toast was kinda soggy with butter and animal grease.

Lamb Chop


Anonymous said...

I would rather see your ass though...:p

Twilight Man said...

Chatime was very much better! I must learn to get used to this weaker tealive.

William said...

Go find my Tumblr. LOL.

Has Chatime relaunched?