Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Clown Face Soba

Dry Soba

One week after having the roast pork at Wayne's Cafe, I was back there with mum and Little Monster. Little Monster wasn't very impressed with it. We had capacity for more food, so we hopped over to Menya Hanabi just a few doors away. Gave it a try since it was newly-opened. Unfortunately, the menu was very limited. One item, and one item only-- dry soba. But that's their signature item and they are good at it. The bowl of dry soba was topped with nori, negi, charsiu, minced meat (that they call the Nagoya mince), raw egg, and ajitama (a freebie for liking their FB page). The staff took pains to explain how best to enjoy the meal. First, I mixed it all up and took a bite in the original form. Secondly, I tried with chili powder. Thirdly, I doused the soba with vinegar that had been infused with chili and kelp. At the end, there was still ample gravy and minced meat at the bottom of the bowl. I handed the bowl over to the staff behind the counter and they put in a dollop of steamed rice, perfect to soak everything up! Go give the place a try, even Little Monster liked it. In addition to soba, do they have tori karaage and some other side dishes. Itadakimas!


Twilight Man said...

You had to modify and improve so much. Forget it la.

William said...

Just a different way to enjoy it.