Saturday, April 22, 2017

V Day 2017: Take One

Early Diners

Valentine's Day is not something that KH and I celebrate religiously. No need for romantic dinners, heart-shaped balloons, chocolates, gifts, and 'illicit sex' as the Muftis put it (though I welcome 'illicit sex' on any day).  This year, we had the opportunity to celebrate it a tad earlier, on the Sunday of the 12th. KH made reservations for La Risata in Damansara Heights, at the area where Victoria Steakhouse is located. According to an online review, La Risata is one of KL's oldest Italian restaurant. The interior of La Risata is quite homey with bare bricks and wooden furniture. At 6:30 PM, only two tables were occupied, but that didn't mean it was quiet. Strangely, this Italian restaurant prefers a rock playlist and I could hear the cacophony from the kitchen. At the front, the head waiter was briefing the staff about the preparations for upcoming V Day diners. Yes, she was that loud. Not a place for romantic dinners.


The chef's recommendations were quite spot on. To start, we had the aubergine parmigiana which in my opinion could very well have been a main. Order that if you have at least four persons at the table. My favourite was the salmon ravioli. In my opinion, it was well-executed with no overly-cloying fattiness of the salmon. The other house specialty we ordered was the baked seafood spaghetti. Definitely value for money judging from the portion and generous serving of shellfish. At the end of that we were too full for dessert. Plus, I would rather go somewhere else.

Where the Coffee is Brewed

Both of us wanted coffee so we went hunting at nearby Jalan Batai. I used to go there for CKT while I was working at Bukit Damansara four years ago. Imagine my surprise when I found that the whole area was revamped into Batai Village with all things Ben's and other more atas restaurants. Even parking wasn't free anymore. Inside there was a popular cafe named Yellow Brick Road, the sister of Red Bean Bag at Solaris Dutamas. True to its name, there's a winding yellow brick road winding through it. From what we saw, it was enjoying great business. Many of the tables were occupied. The friendly waitress gave us a table next to a couple of college students. Apparently the place is so good that students spend their ang pao money there. We had a couple of coffees and some of their famous pancakes.The Banafogatto pancakes we ordered didn't taste of coffee or bananas, but it was still quite delicious. Haha. The place has pretty good credentials-- Malaysia Barista Champion 2017 and Malaysia Master Brewer Champion 2017, not like it makes any difference to me.


Coffee and YBR

Banafogatto Pancakes

Coffee and Tea

Before leaving, we explored Batai Village a bit, even going into the B.I.G. there for a little grocery shopping. Really had to walk off a bit of those calories. On the way back, we made a detour to Thean Hou Temple to look at the decorative lights. Every CNY, the place would be fitted with loads of red lanterns. Because it was already a little 'off-season' and near closing time, neither did we have a hard time finding parking nor did we have to brave jostling crowds. It was perfect for us to go around camwhoring. Sent KH back to Kuchai Lama after that. And what's romantic than giving each other a romantic V Day beej in the car? Bwahahaha.

Lighted Temple

CNY Lights 2017 I

CNY Lights 2017 II

CNY Lights 2017 III

CNY Lights 2017 IV


Derek said...

Hehe it was a fun V day celebration. Muacks!

William said...


Twilight Man said...

Awww... Muacks here, muacks there! So you are an illicit sex maniac.

Your temple photos are so vibrant and nice.

William said...

Kisses are so innocent. <3

zerachiel said...

"adventure" inside car nice meh ? i mean in a cramped up space :-|

William said...

Make the best of the situation.