Saturday, April 15, 2017

Peng, Pokka, and Porcupine

View from Savanna

Recently heard that one of my Form 6 classmates had moved back to KL from Singapore. She had been working there for a decade. It had been years since I met her, so together with Peng (another Form Six classmate) we planned a CNY get together. We met up at Peng's condo in Bukit Jalil. The security was more stringent than usual. Visitors register at the gate AND at the lift lobby. But that does not gain you access. The host must personally bring the guests up. Leceh. Anyway, the gathering didn't materialize as planned. The friend that we were supposed to meet had to cancel because her mother-in-law was suddenly warded for pneumonia. Whatever the case, we got to catch up with Peng. Basically had our lunch there munching on the biscuits and snacks.

In the evening, had a movie and dinner date with The Tribe. Customary to watch a crappy CNY production. This year we chose "The Fortune Handbook", a horrible export from Singapore starring Mark Lee and Christopher Lee. It only managed to tickle one or two laughs out of me. And the whole thing was just a badly-disguised product placement piece. Might as well have listed Pokka as their main actor. Dinner was at Porcupine Place, Setiawalk, as we were too lazy to go elsewhere. According to my sister, the menu was very difference from what she remembered. Must be a total revamp or a change of management. Average Western and Asian fare.

Porcupine and Friends

Caesar Salad

Korean Chicken Rice

Later in the night, I called KH up for a drink. So far, we had tried most of the cafes near his home. Since Big Bee Pattiserie was the new kid on the block, we immediately gave it a chance. Anyway, don't be fooled by the name as its just a neighbourhood bakery type of place. Haha. At least they have a secluded seating area, air-conditioning and WIFI. At least it gave us the necessary privacy to paktor a bit (means that KH could openly grope my thigh).


CNY Inflatable

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