Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Last Look

Crystal Pan Mee

Barely a week after the long CNY holidays, Thaipusam came up and I had another day off. While Hindus thronged Batu Caves, I slept in. After I had enough of lazing in bed, I got up and went to breakfast at Taman Naga Emas. The crystal pan mee there was still good after all these years.

Chicken Altar?

Traveled to Sri Petaling next to visit mum's friend. It was quite difficult to catch her because she was hardly at home, choosing to travel the world every other month. Dompet tak kan kering. LOL.


In the afternoon, I went out to Faber Towers to meet up with SimonLover, Khatijah, ForIHaveSinned, and the ever elusive Froggy (Rana serembania). They were having lunch at LDG, and even KH was there. They didn't linger at Taman Desa after lunch, and KH was rushing to his CEO's open house. With nothing much to do, I just did a little grocery shopping at De' Market before going home.

Steamed Fish

Dinner was at home, a simple meal of steamed fish, Chinese sausages, and vegetable soup with prawns. For me, CNY was pretty much over although it wasn't Chap Goh Mei yet. I dug out my red packets from 2016, and extracted the money before I forget about them. Don't want to mistakenly throw out good money!

Big Prawns

Last Year's Red Packets

P.S.: That was the last time I met Froggy.... R.I.P. A very short meet-up, and as usual he was quiet and did not say much. So unexpected. Sigh...


ikhtifar rafi said...

Sorry to hear that froggie has moved on.. he will be missed

Twilight Man said...

OMG!! OMG!!! It is Froggie. He used to PM me, of all fellas.

Indra Setiawan said...

Nice post bro!!


William said...

@Ikhtifar: @Twi:
Yeah, he will be missed...

Derek said...

Unknowingly it was our last time to meet him ;-(