Sunday, April 16, 2017

Event to Event


The 9th day of CNY was packed day for me. Started off with Sunday mass, followed by a lunch gathering at my ex-director's home. This year, his wife made nasi lemak with mutton curry. Interestingly, the coconut milk in the recipe was replaced with organic coconut oil. Tasted the same to me. Amazing. As usual, there was plenty of whisky to go around, but my throat was a little scratchy, so I just stuck to beer and cider. Didn't stay long at the party.



As I drove out of Taman Esplanad, I called KH on a whim. Luckily for me, he was free to meet up, so I swung over to his place. We went to yumcha at Take Eat Easy Modern Bakery and Cafe, Pearl Shopping Gallery. The place has a cool interior with lots of wooden ribs, and comfortable armchairs. Each table lining the side has its own lamp and power sockets, expecting customers to 'camp in'. One can get a cup of coffee there and share a thick toast with ice cream without breaking the bank.



That wasn't the end of my day. Another company gathering was scheduled later that night. A potluck of sorts at my colleague's home. I bought a roast duck for the party, and dragged the two monsters with me. There were plenty of kids there to keep them occupied. They played Pokemon cards, watched TV and rough-housed a bit. No trouble feeding them at all because fried chicken and pizza was available. Just had to look out spills and stains. The highlight of the evening was the releasing of a sky lantern out in the field. It zoomed straight up! Before going home, we did the customary lou sang and called it a night!



Derek said...

Free babysitting at your colleague's house hehe

William said...

Still need to jaga de