Friday, March 03, 2017

Tin Men


The 10-year wedding anniversary is traditionally called the tin or aluminum anniversary. On the modern list, it is referred to as the diamond jewelry anniversary. Either way, it is the "first of the major milestone anniversaries," according to

Yes, happy tin anniversary to KH and I! Tin. Aluminium. Lol. Can't believe it has been ten years already. Here's a quick summary:
  • Started in 2007.
  • LDR till 2012.
  • Nearly got married in Vancouver in 2014.
  • 10th anniversary in 2017.
To celebrate our ten years together, KH arranged made dinner reservations at Fuego, Troika Sky Dining. When we met, he was lugging a Nescafe Dolce Gusto machine that his colleagues bought him as a farewell gift (it's gonna be his third job since relocating back to KL).


Troika Sky Dining was a new experience for both of us. When the elevator opened on floor 23A, we were greeted by a reservation desk that served the many restaurants on that floor. Fuego is located at an open air space with a view of KLCC (partial view thanks to the new Four Seasons), KL Tower, and Masjid Asy-Syakirin. Our table was located right at the edge of the glass banister, with a view unobstructed by other tables. At our back was a huge bar and at the side was the heart of the restaurant that dishes out the South American food.



KL City View

Table Setting

Our romantic dinner was kicked off with a toast with a Mezcal cocktail and a Pisco sour. Both drinks were new to me. Mezcal is distilled from agave, and has a smoky disposition while Pisco is a Peruvian brandy. For starters, we had the Fuego Guacamole that came with an assortment of chips. Loved it. We also had Fuego Coconut Ceviche which was prepared with Barramundi, and served in a coconut shell. Interesting presentation. Meat was our main, where we ordered the Rare French Beef Flank. Although it was grilled medium rare, I found it too chewy. My jaws felt a little sore. Didn't finish it. A tip for foodies: get the earliest reservation at 6:30 PM and you will have great light for food photography. Any later and it would be too dark.


Mezcal Cocktail & Pisco Sour

Fuego Guacamole

Fuego Coconut Ceviche

Rare French Beef Flank

As the dinner progressed, we got to enjoy the dimming light from the sunset. Artificial lighting was kept to a minimum to let diners enjoy the night view. Perfect for KH and I to review our ten years together. Gave it to him straight that in all those years, I never imagined myself with any other man. As the night progressed, we ordered tapas-- Smoked Snails in the Jar, basically escargot in glass jar filled with smoke from the grill! KH liked that. We also ordered a Southbound Suarez that seemed to scream cinnamon though I don't think it has any in it at all. Dinner was over by 8:00 PM, and we were too stuffed for dessert.


Did a little snooping around after dinner. Coppersmith is a handsome bar with a hipster bartender. Nearer to the entrance was Strato, an Italian restaurant with two floors. At the other end is Cantaloupe, chef Christian Bauer's fine dining restaurant. The night was still young, so we stopped for coffee at Menara Binjai. It was raining outside and we had a cozy corner we sidled up to each other. The only thing missing? Anniversary sex. Hehe. 


Autumn MSR


Twilight Man said...

Congratulations to you 2 darlings and many more to come.
I learn new vocabs today from your food menu. Nice place indeed.

Anonymous said...

congrats! and no anniversary sex?!?! was it because your jaw was too sore? lol

Jaded Jeremy said...

Happy 10th anniversary!

William said...

Thanks! Go give it a try.

Thanks! A sore jaw won't stop a horny mouth. LOL.


Derek said...

Hehe ... I am thankful that we have had 10 years together. Here's to many more! Muacks

thompsonboy said...

no skanking after that?

William said...

Love you dear.

If got Troika dark room can la.