Sunday, March 26, 2017

Anno Ayam III: Hello Apollo

Lunch at David's

By the third day of CNY, The Tribe would be back from my BIL's hometown of Melaka. First stop would be at my house to pai nien. All of us had breakfast together-- a mix of wantan noodles, nasi lemak, and keropok lekor. Usually, mum would cook lunch but this year, Apollo's mum invited us over for lunch. She prepared roast chicken, braised chicken feet with sea cucumber, fish maw soup, stir-fried vegetables, soy sauce tofu, and sweet and sour fish. Mum supplemented with curry chicken.

Curry Chicken

Apollo grew mushrooms for three days at home, so he was thrilled when we said, "Let's go for coffee!". Unfortunately, it took us a while to find a place that was open. Gave Coffee Smith a try, a cafe from Taiwan. The interior was a mix of different textures-- wood, zinc, brick, and chipboard. And most of the furniture was mismatched. Guess they couldn't make up their minds. We sat at the large timber table near the entrance, and the automatic door kept opening at the slightest movement. *roll eyes*.


Pipes and Lights

Looking at the menu, coffee comes in a variety of styles at Coffee Smith. All sorts of weird names with zero description. Here's what we deciphered:
  • Wooden Stick Latte - latte with a finger biscuit.
  • The Coffee Smith - separate cups of espresso, black coffee, and steamed milk.
  • Muse Coffee - Coffee with Bailey's.
  • Nuts an Bolts - Three layer coffee (hot, cold, creamy).
  • Focus Black Coffee - Black coffee lo.
Big Monster ordered the Seasonal Fruits French Toast. Comes with a whole bunch of cut fruits, but the waffles weren't impressive. If you're into gimmicky 'potted' drinks, they have that too. Personally, I don't even like Milo Dinosaur. Coffee Smith does not scrimp on customizing their utensils. All of their cups sport the Coffee Smith logo and they have thing for making metal cut outs of their logo. Should cost a bomb.

The Coffee Smith

Seasonal Fruits French Toast

In the evening, we sent my brother to the airport after a quick dinner of Hokkien Mee at Damansara Uptown Hokkien Mee, Puchong Jaya. As the name suggests, they are a Hokkien Mee expert, so don't order their Guang Fu Chau. Horrible. Fried rice is quite good though.

Roast Duck


Twilight Man said...

You guys should have coffee in PJ as many opened on 3rd day. I will sorely miss all the CNY fun....

William said...

We had to go survey shop by shop. We just chose an area with the most cafes.