Monday, March 13, 2017

Anno Ayam 0: Eat Together, Stay Together

Reunion Dinner

CNY eve is always reserved for last minute cleaning. I swept and mopped the floor. Cleaned my room and washed the car. Did all this while mum was busy in the kitchen preparing for reunion dinner. Mum suddenly declared that she needed to grab some stuff from AEON. I thought I could collect my mum's supplementary credit card from the Equine Park branch, but the branch was swamped with customers. Last minute banking. Plenty of last minute shoppers too. KH worked that day, but there was an early release. He came all the way from KL to Taman Equine to look for me. Brought him for a quick lunch at Spice of Penang. Quite a crappy place actually. Avoid it. KH went back to my place for a short visit before leaving for home.

Food for the Altar

This year, it was only the three of us at the reuion dinner-- mum, my brother, and I. SK FFK-ed to spend CNY in Linggi with CK. Because there were only a few of us, she dished out a variety of items at smaller portions. The dinner table did look a little empty, but we later discovered that it was because there were three more dishes in the larder. In the end, I did a little accounting and this was what we had: lotus root soup, fried fish, steamed crab, salad, steamed scallops with asparagus, fried soy sauce chicken, pan-fried prawns, blanched chicken, and braised pork ribs with sea cucumber, And we opened a bottle of rosé. Before we ate, we did a table setting for my late father as well, and prayed a decade of the Rosary. Then it was chow time! Once the table was cleared, it was time to tidy up the kitchen and the dining room. Phew! All ready for CNY!


Twilight Man said...

You are funny and just posted CNY joys. I guess I have to skip 3 years of CNY celebrations for my double mourning. That's my excuse to travel during CNY.

William said...

I'm always late.