Wednesday, March 01, 2017

A Taste of Spring


Not sure if you've noticed, but the new condominium along Jalan Klang Lama (before the Taman Desa turn off if you're coming from MV) is home to three food and beverage outlets. If you're into ice cream, there's Inside Scoop. Looking for caffeine? Go to Little People. I had visited that cafe with Sharky and KH some months back. Lastly is Kimi-Ya, a Japanese restaurant. Stopped there after church one Sunday afternoon just to give it a try. I slowed my approach because a missed turning would mean having to double back to the U-turn near MV. Recently the building management also started a free valet service for customers. Like most Japanese restaurants, the interior of Kimi-Ya was simple and used a lot of wood accents.

For my first visit, I ordered out of their spring kaiseki menu that featured Amberjack. I was not disappointed with their chef's seasonal creations. Hover your mouse over the photos to get a description.

Trio of Appetizers

Sashimi Moriawase

Pan-fried Australian Wagyu

Simmered Amberjack

Deep-fried Surf Smelt

Kaisen Bara Chirashi:
Kaisen Bara Chirashi

Clams in Clear Soup

Yuzu Sorbet on Yuzu Jelly

In addition to all that, I ordered this grilled tuna from their special menu. Look at how that chutoro glistens!

Grilled Chutoro

Food was great, but I really disliked the fact that the course lunch was served all at once! The table was packed! Not quite the way to give full attention to each dish. At the end of the meal, I conveyed the message to the waitress and we did some talking. She was nice enough to offer us some yuzu sake on the house. Definitely smoothed things over. Haha.


Twilight Man said...

So I must head there and complain to the same waitress to get a free sake. I like their wooden interiors.

William said...

Good luck!

Derek said...

I still haven't tried Kimi Ya!

William said...

We go together lo.