Friday, February 17, 2017

Free At Last!

Curry Noodles

After a whole month of babysitting, mum and I finally had the chance to go to the market. The first visit of 2017. With all the year end holidays out of the way, it finally dawned on people that the Lunar Chinese New Year was less than a month away! Start the panic buying! The earliest merchants to start the ball rolling were the those who sold religious paraphernalia. They had already started stocking all sorts of special paper offerings, fancy joss sticks, and even the stuff needed to Pai Ti Kong were already on sale. Breakfast was our favourite curry noodles in the alley.

Dragon Joss Stick

In the afternoon, KH came over to my place to chill (kind of like a chaperoned type of  paktor). We would just laze on the sofa and chat. Sometimes, we would play our current addiction-- LINE Rangers. So cute, so pointless, and yet... Haha. Received a call from SK and we were out to The Coffee Sessions. More updates from SK regarding her family issues over a cup of mocha and a side of fries. People never fail to surprise. When you thought that they've hit rock bottom, there seems to be more to go!

Hand Cut Fries

SK stayed on for dinner while KH returned home. Just a simple meal at nearby Restoran 83. A very satisfying dinner of pork noodles, grilled stingray, fried rice, and chicken soup. Remember when it was such a craze to have Portugese style grilled stingray at the Midvalley Megamall Food Court? Ages ago...

Chicken Soup

Pork Noodles


Twilight Man said...

How could KH leave you at dinner time? So cruel.

Derek said...

Didn't know there was a grilled stingray craze at MV before

William said...

He no comment wor. LOL.

You dunno meh? The stall so famous!