Thursday, February 02, 2017

Filipino First


From the looks of things, I didn't botch my first interview because HR called me for a second interview. It was a very last minute thing because their director was in town for a business trip, but I declined the appointment. Did a phone interview a few days later instead. I had a leisurely breakfast at Old Town White Coffee, BK5 before calling in. It went well I guess. The director did not have too much to say or ask. Wrapped it up in less than an hour. Hopped on the LRT and headed to Masjid Jamek for lunch. At that hour, the Masjid Jamek LRT underpass was so deserted. Something that I don't often see. Perfect for some public sex video. Hahahaha.


What's the Time?

KH suggested that we have Pinoy cuisine for lunch. Immediately agreed because I had never dined in a Filipino restaurant before. My only experience was limited to a roast pork rice that I had at Lau Pa Sat food court in Singapore. Don't think that counts. The Laguna Restaurant at Jalan Gereja has a simple interior with some art on the walls. Every table is decorated with themes from different regions in the Philippines. The waiter helped us choose two dishes-- Pork Kaldereta and Kinilaw. The Kaldereta is a tomato-based dish with thick gravy that goes great with white rice. On the other hand, the Kinilaw is a type of sour, raw fish salad that is great as an appetizer. Felt very much like home style cooking. My only complaint is the price-- not exactly cheap if you ask me. But if you're sick of the usual options, do give it a try. With a big group, you can try the Crispy Pata (pork knuckles) which seems to be quite a popular choice.



Pork Keldereta


Twilight Man said...

Mabuhay! Viva Manila!

Thanks for the info and I will eat there soon.
I stayed at Makati for a week and discovered their best food & desserts. Something in between the tastes of Asian and Spanish/Portugal.

William said...

Yes, Spanish influence.

Derek said...

Too bad I change job already ... can't go there as often as I like.

William said...

Addicted ah?